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Emma Robertson

Emma has been dancing since she was big enough to stand up. She struggled through some tough times in ballet class when she was the only one in her class who couldn’t skip. Galloping was her specialty and now we know it was all just practice for triple steps! After competing across NZ in Rock and Roll competitions for 12 years she converted to swing. She started swing in Christchurch and has never stopped. Emma loves the freedom and creativity of swing dancing and tries to encourage everyone she meets to try a swing class.

David Scott

David is a classic bar-leaner / two-step-awkward-shuffler who was dragged to a swing class many years ago and wound up finding the rhythms and fun of dancing were something he’d been missing out on. He really enjoys teaching and particularly loves helping get “2 left feet” people started.

As a couple

Emma and David met through dancing a number of years ago. They recently started their own school on the North Shore of Auckland called Gin Mill Swing and they have thoroughly enjoyed being able to start a scene from scratch and spread the joy of swing dancing. Together David and Emma have competed in a number of competitions around New Zealand, even managing to win a few of them over the years. Lately they have been concentrating on their tap skills and getting back to some really awesome lindyhop basics.