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1470061_10151814029446444_2044754166_n 4J5P21961508117_10151814027046444_1360833748_n Welcome to the only swing school on the North Shore of Auckland. Come to a class and join a wonderful community of friends and dancers. Do you like: music from the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, dressing up in vintage gear, learning new things, meeting new people, swing music, traveling, getting off the couch and getting the most out of life? If you answered yes to any of the above, WE WANT YOU to come and have some fun swing dancing with us. We offer weekly classes on Monday and Thursday nights. Social dances pop up all over the place, often with great live bands.

What the heck is swing dancing?

Swing dancing is quite possibly the most fun thing humans have ever discovered. “Swing” is actually a family of dances including Lindy Hop, Balboa, Blues, Charleston, etc, and came about between the 1920s and 40s in Harlem, New York, when African rhythms, tap dancing, ballroom, jazz and big band music fused into something amazing. At Gin Mill Swing, we focus on Lindy Hop – the most well-known of the Swing Dance family. Whether you have two left feet and just want to try something new, or have been dancing since you were bouncing around in your nappies, we can help you learn how to move to the (syncopated) beat.

Where can I do this?

People do this everywhere in the world, from Sweden to Dunedin – if you want to learn from us, we have classes running on Auckland’s North Shore. We currently run beginner classes on Monday nights at Glenfield Primary School, Tuesdays at Albany at the Albany Community Centre and Takapuna at the Lake Pupuke Road Tennis Club, and on Thursday evenings at the top of Onewa Road in Birkenhead. There are also classes running in the City, and we’ll happily help you get in touch with a venue close to you.

Do I have to bring a partner?

No – it’s always nice to come along with a friend, but this is also a chance to meet new friends. We rotate partners during the class, so don’t worry if it falls to you, as the brave leader of your group of friends, to try this “dancing thing” first.

I am old / young / tall / short / round / square – can I still do this?

Yes – the music is always the basis of the dance, and it is as varied as the people who Swing. Frankie Manning, one of the absolute legends of Lindy Hop, was dancing until just before his 95th birthday. If you’re big or small, you can do this dance.